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plover / зуек, ржанка
имя существительное
plover, dotterel, dottrel
имя существительное
a short-billed gregarious wading bird, typically found by water but sometimes frequenting grassland, tundra, and mountains.
In the mud flats of the Bay of Fundy, you'll see large roosts of shorebirds - plovers , yellowlegs, godwits, curlews, and phalaropes - at high tide.
The swallow may fly south with the sun or the house martin or the plover may seek warmer climes in winter, yet these are not strangers to our land?
The Semipalmated Plover is a small plover with a short bill and yellow-orange legs.
In Scotland, gamekeepers blame the buzzard, a protected bird, for the deaths of thousands of partridges, pheasants, and waders such as curlews and plovers .
At the second pond I found a magpie hopping around near the water, some red-wattled plovers in the field, and a few Dead Sea Sparrows carrying nesting material.
These plovers are found mostly on the outer coast.
Sandpipers and plovers of many species will pass through or decide to stay in the ponds and wetlands that dot central and southern Iraq.
When returning to Breydon shortly after high water, the great flights of plovers often arrive at a considerable height.
Like other plovers, Black-bellied plovers are visual feeders, but they may also probe for hidden prey.
But managing the moors for the grouse also preserves them for the plovers and Merlin.
Among some ground-nesting waterbirds, such as gulls and plovers , research has shown that speckling aids egg camouflage.