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ploughshare / плужный лемех, орало
имя существительное
плужный лемех
ploughshare, plowshare
plowshare, ploughshare
Each day I must yoke the oxen and fasten the ploughshare to the plough.
‘We need ploughshares and seeds not bombs and martyrs,’ he insisted.
Heavier plows with wheels, horizontal plowshares , and a moldboard were invented, which cut down on manual labor.
They made tools, ploughshares , chariots, chain armour, and many more strong and serviceable implements.
Though they supplied handicraft products essential to the country and society, including ploughshares and spear heads, as well as pots and cloth of all kinds, they tended to be despised by the rest of the population.
The Shearer brothers produced cast-iron ploughshares and from 1888 onwards wrought steel ploughshares .