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plough / плуг, пашня, снегоочиститель
имя существительное
plow, plougher, plough
arable, tillage, plow, tilth, plough
snowplow, plow, snowplough, pilot, pilot-engine, plough
plow, till, turn, follow the plow, furrow, plough
furrow, plow, busk, seam, plough
dissect, cut, split, cleave, plow, swish
имя существительное
a large farming implement with one or more blades fixed in a frame, drawn by a tractor or by animals and used for cutting furrows in the soil and turning it over, especially to prepare for the planting of seeds.
The strip shape of these plots suggests that they were ploughed with a heavy plough with a fixed mould board.
a yoga pose assumed by lying on one's back and swinging one's legs over one's head until the outstretched feet approach or touch the floor.
positions like plow and headstand can strain the neck
turn up the earth of (an area of land) with a plow, especially before sowing.
Uncle Vic plowed his garden
(especially of a vehicle) move in a fast and uncontrolled manner.
the car plowed into the side of a van
clear snow from (a road) using a snowplow.
the roads weren't yet plowed
fail (an examination).
Not many people plough Greats at 21 and become a professor of Latin at 33.
A Bradford Council highways spokesman said the snowploughs would be able to drive over the Burley Woodhead speed bumps, but would have to raise their plough blade to get over the humps.
The Glacier Express is the most famous of several rail journeys that plough through the snow-encrusted Alps.
However, while trying to improve his position, Chevrolet driver Alain Menu hit him on the second lap, causing Jaeger to run out of road and plough through the gravel.
I plan to symbolically plough a field in each country in order to meet other farmers and learn new ways of working the land.
Bill began in business with six horses and a plough doing contract ploughing around the district.
York's medieval farmers who used to plough a furrow here would still recognise it.
With each spell of rain, farmers plough the fields to prevent weeds from growing.
‘It's easy in Ireland to stay off the radar and just plough away, doing what you do’, he said.
In the nearby field, a heavily yoked yak drags the wooden plough through the rocky soil to the singsong tune of his master.
The removal of the age-old plough from farming could lead to a major drop in pollution in rivers and lakes, according to environmentalists.