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plotter / графопостроитель, заговорщик, интриган
имя существительное
conspirator, plotter, hatcher
schemer, plotter, intriguant, intrigant, intrigante, machinator
имя существительное
someone who secretly makes plans to do something illegal or harmful; a conspirator.
the trial of alleged coup plotters
a piece of equipment that marks out points on a chart.
a GPS chart plotter
a GPS chart plotter
He celebrated 40 years of being the most famous plotter on the planet.
All of these programs will print their patterns on an ordinary home computer printer or a plotter .
a GPS chart plotter
The main piece of equipment he uses is the GPS plotter .
Less than a decade ago, the electrostatic plotter was the top-of-the-line plotter .
We also use electronic charts with our GPS chart plotter .
Once aboard, your chart plotter safely brings you to your deserted isle.
Features include a large LCD and a plotter for interactive real-time viewing and for producing paper records.
A high-quality color printer / plotter is in high demand during regular business hours.