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plod / тащиться, брести, корпеть
drag, plod, traipse, trail, crawl, shamble
plod, sap, peg away, fag away, fag, plug
имя существительное
тяжелая походка
тяжелый путь
тяжелая работа
heavy work, drudgery, slog, fag, elbow grease, plod
walk doggedly and slowly with heavy steps.
we plodded back up the hill
имя существительное
a slow, heavy walk.
he settled down to a steady plod
In the main the group coped well, getting into a steady plod to get them to the top of the pass.
Though the running time is a slim 83 minutes, I took me well over two hours to plod my way through this dull and dreary mess.
The men plod , doggedly, with large unwieldy blackboards slung over their shoulders, but everywhere they look nobody is interested in reading and writing when living from day to day is such a concern.
Then it was a dire plod back along Rainhill Road, through Nutgrove then home.
I parked the car in a disabled driver's space just by the Quay West local radio station and went for a good plod .
he settled down to a steady plod
Education should not be about ensuring that every individual can plod through an officially approved list of tasks, for the sake of multiple bits of paper.
Wilson paces the book by decades, but too often this can seem to be a bit of a plod .
She was following him at a slow plod .
They were content to plod on with tedious tasks.