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plight / положение, состояние, обязательство
имя существительное
position, location, situation, provision, state, plight
condition, state, status, position, fortune, plight
obligation, commitment, undertaking, liability, engagement, plight
связывать обещанием
pledge, plight
betroth, plight
имя существительное
a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation.
we must direct our efforts toward relieving the plight of children living in poverty
pledge or promise solemnly (one's faith or loyalty).
Betrothal vows were often as binding as wedding vows, and ‘ plighting the troth’ was often an excuse to consummate the marriage ahead of the actual ceremony.
The international community should make the situation better by responding rapidly to the plight of the victims of the civil war in the Congo.
One cannot blame her for feeling this way at all, given her difficult plight .
They do this in order to reflect on God and on the plight of the unfortunate who do not have enough food.
This being the situation in the capital, one can well imagine the plight in other parts of the state.
we must direct our efforts towards relieving the plight of children living in poverty
What he found shocked him but also made him more determined than ever to alert others to the plight of those living without clean water and sanitation.
Never mind the irony of the situation - the plight of those we went to help along the coast, just a few kilometres south.
You know a play is in trouble when the plight of a stalked woman elicits neither sympathy nor concern.
Unfortunately Evan's conclusion distracts us from the plight of refugees.
I am fully sympathetic with their plight and the difficult conditions under which they often have to survive.