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plexus / сплетение, переплетение, запутанность
имя существительное
plexus, tangle, web, interlacement, tissue, rete
network, interlacement, plexus
involvement, entanglement, complexity, intricacy, complication, plexus
имя существительное
a network of nerves or vessels in the body.
Around the abdominal aorta, the aortic plexus of nerves can be identified.
The femoral, lateral cutaneous, and obturator nerves exit from the lumbar plexus .
Around the abdominal aorta, the aortic plexus of nerves can be identified.
The doubled veins may unite in front and behind the artery to form a plexus around that vessel.
The myenteric plexus of these appendix specimens had even thicker nerve bundles connecting an increased number of ganglion cells.
This nerve is considered by some authors as the most variable nerve of the lumbar plexus .
Both the localized and plexiform neurofibromas of neurofibromatosis type 1 carry an increased risk of malignant degeneration.
Amacrine cells form a multifunctional group of retinal interneurons that make synapses in the second synaptic layer of the retina, the inner plexiform layer.
Microscopically, the sections of the attached swollen peripheral nerve trunk showed the presence of a plexiform neurofibroma.
In addition, nitrotyrosine expression was also observed in 18 of 25 plexiform lesions.
Other findings include secondary medial hypertrophy of pulmonary arteries, alveolar hemorrhage, and absence of plexiform lesions.