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plenum / пленум, полнота, заполнение
имя существительное
completeness, fullness, fulness, entirety, plenitude, plenum
filling, fill, plenum, suffusion
имя существительное
an assembly of all the members of a group or committee.
He said the next plenum of the central committee, scheduled after local party congresses from August this year to before March next year, will touch upon personnel matters for a new party leadership.
a space completely filled with matter, or the whole of space so regarded.
Imagine fracturing a material body such as a piece of wood, regarded as a plenum (full of matter).
The growing number of resignations from the party was discussed at every level of the conference - in the plenum itself as well as during the breaks.
The plenum was of crucial symbolic importance for Mr Hu.
Then they hand out little circular mirrors to each member of the plenum .
A quantum vacuum is more like a plenum than like empty space.
‘The mechanical contractor who reads the spec sees that the plenum space should be cleaned before capping off with the floor,’ he says.
The reality is that often the plenum space is left dirty after construction.
The purpose of the directives will be to " catch up with the new situation " following the fourth plenum of the Communist Party central committee held from September 16 to 19.
the seventh plenum of the Communist Party central committee
The plenum is a large sheet metal box that's attached to the top or bottom of the furnace.
At a very deep subatomic level the differences of dualism melt into a plenum of potentiality or probability.