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plenty / много, достаточно, довольно
many, much, lot, more, a lot of, plenty
enough, sufficiently, fairly, adequately, reasonably, plenty
quite, rather, pretty, fairly, enough, plenty
имя существительное
multiplicity, plurality, variety, multitude, plenty, host
большое количество
plenty, number, quantity, a great deal, a generous amount, bulk
plenty, fullness, loads, loads of, riches, affluence
имя прилагательное
abundant, heavy, rich, ample, copious, plenty
numerous, large, multiple, vast, multitudinous, plenty
used to emphasize the degree of something.
she has plenty more ideas
имя существительное
a situation in which food and other necessities are available in sufficiently large quantities.
such natural phenomena as famine and plenty
a large or sufficient amount or quantity; more than enough.
I would have plenty of time to get home
there are shops in plenty
I couldn't charge as much rent, but there was surely plenty to be recouped in stealth taxes.
In addition to their artistic importance, there's certainly plenty to talk about.
Cheerful in a different way, for sure, but I still have plenty to be cheery about.
For a fourteen year old that is downright insulting and even an eight year old may have plenty to say on his or her own account.
You didn't stick to your strategy, and it may have cost you plenty in the long run.
My dad's thinking was that it's plenty fast to be in the race.
you'll have plenty to keep you busy
Efforts are underway to renovate the historic centre of the city, but there is still plenty to see.
That way he has plenty to feed himself, as well as some of his garden's pests.