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plenitude / полнота, изобилие
имя существительное
completeness, fullness, fulness, entirety, plenitude, integrity
abundance, plenty, galore, fertility, wealth, plenitude
имя существительное
an abundance.
the farm boasts a plenitude of animals and birds
But ‘monarchs need an absence of direct toxins, a plenitude of milkweed, and a plenitude of nectar sources.’
This British duo continues to rock with alluring sensitivity and a plenitude of pop sensibility.
A plenitude of maps and engravings documents these commonly distorted perspectives and traces the development of a more accurate understanding of the newfound lands.
We are dependent on the plenitude of products and services available to us that meet only our lowest expectations.
the plenitude of the Pope's powers
The machines clone undeserving Mom from a lock of her hair preserved by Teddy, and David gets to spend one perfect day basking in the radiance of maternal plenitude .
The ensuing years of plenitude and widespread international acceptance made the new Federal German Republic what the Weimar Republic had never been after the 1914-18 war: a success.
But it also jokes ambiguously about the plenitude of additional commitments that it would be possible to take on, and the importance one's works and days might then assume, if only the usual limits of time and space did not apply.
The important question, he feels, is how both doctors and patients deal with the plenitude of information and misinformation being circulated.
Even then ski width was an ambiguous issue; no doubt the cause of chewed pipe-stems, depleted Scotch, and a plenitude of hacked boot soles.