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plenary / пленарный, полный, неограниченный
имя прилагательное
full, complete, utter, total, absolute, plenary
unlimited, unbounded, unrestricted, indefinite, absolute, plenary
имя прилагательное
unqualified; absolute.
crusaders were offered a plenary indulgence by the pope
(of a meeting) to be attended by all participants at a conference or assembly, who otherwise meet in smaller groups.
a plenary session of the European Parliament
имя существительное
a meeting or session attended by all participants at a conference or assembly.
Our theme in 1998-1999 was ‘Urban Christianity,’ and the plenaries included sessions on the first urban Christians, the city of Atlanta, patterns of wealth and marginalization in the metropolis, and forms of church in the city.
At 9 am it closes until 1 pm, thereby permitting the attendees to attend the plenary session, best paper awards, seminars, and lunch.
The conference, structured in plenary meetings and task forces, enabled the two superpower adversaries to edge slowly toward greater understanding.
I attended only the plenary of the same title and found it lacking in the vibrancy that characterized much of the rest of the conference.
He was back at work later in the day and briefly took up his parliamentary seat during the start of the National Assembly's plenary session.
The observers will play a full role in their groups, take part in committee meetings and attend plenary sessions without voting rights.
While the Vatican promises plenary indulgences for various pilgrim activities, such spiritual benefits play a rather insignificant part in the overall plan of activities.
As soon as the translation went through in Arabic, many Moroccans and other delegates from Islamic countries were on their feet shouting in Arabic, chanting, and heading for the plenary stage.
The disciplinary committee will have plenary powers and their decisions will have to be to Leinster Council.
His proposal, outlined during a plenary session of the conference, triggered a lively debate among conference participants.
Of the assembly's 272 members, 266 attended a plenary session for the voting.