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plectrum / медиатор, плектр
имя существительное
mediator, plectrum, plectron
plectrum, pick, plectron
имя существительное
a thin flat piece of plastic, tortoiseshell, or other slightly flexible material held by or worn on the fingers and used to pluck the strings of a musical instrument such as a guitar.
If you refer to your collection of tortoiseshell guitar picks as plectra , the rest of your rock group are going to make merciless fun of you.
I spent another long evening easing the paint off the curves of the guitar with the edge of a plectrum .
The arched-top guitar came to the fore as the regular plectrum guitar for jazz, giving chords of a penetrating, rather metallic quality.
I normally don't use a plectrum but my right hand fingers were hurting so much I had to relent.
However, this, their debut offering, favours the accomplished philosophy of Kirkwood's plectrum .
Ten of its twenty-five strings are played with a plectrum , while the others resonate.
Of all the little maintenance procedures that harpsichord owners must attend to, replacing a plectrum is perhaps the thorniest of issues.
In a harpsichord, there is a separate plectrum for each string.
In the record's silences, you can actually hear hands on strings, and then the pluck, pull and plectrum that give rise again to their unadorned sound.
His fingers flew across the frets while I was sure the plectrum he was holding should have been worn to shreds as he played.
All that is needed is an electric guitar, a plectrum , a good quality 20 ft lead and an enthusiasm to learn.