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pleasing / приятный, привлекательный, нравящийся
имя прилагательное
pleasant, enjoyable, nice, agreeable, pleasing, good
attractive, appealing, engaging, inviting, lovable, pleasing
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
satisfying or appealing.
the pleasing austerity of the surroundings
No, it's not pleasing to the eye.
Wilson develops his argument through a pleasing series of case studies.
Some of the things that irritate you about him are also very pleasing at the same time.
To appeal to a 15-year-old, fragrances generally need a pleasing , unsophisticated, somewhat fruity or floral top note.
There were plenty of pleasing aspects, not least that York completed all their sets of six in the first half.
The title doesn't evoke an entirely pleasing image.
The materials used on the exteriors give the house a pleasing , weathered appearance.
The problem is that most corporate sites often lack a pleasing form.
The organ score accompanying the film sounds quite pleasing .
Most of the other starters, however, including the thick, roasted butternut squash soup, were quite pleasing .