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pleasantry / шутка, шутливое замечание, шутливость
имя существительное
joke, jest, fun, trick, prank, pleasantry
шутливое замечание
pleasantry, jesting remark
jesting, jocosity, pleasantry, waggery
имя существительное
an inconsequential remark made as part of a polite conversation.
after an exchange of pleasantries, I proceeded to outline a plan
he laughed at his own pleasantry
he laughed at his own pleasantry
He puts on a spectacle so that the guests presume "the whole matter as a well-contrived pleasantry ."
After a few polite pleasantries he put the car into gear and drove off.
After we exchanged pleasantries she asked me about the story I told last week, which detailed my excruciatingly boring job.
Only once such pleasantries were exchanged, did conversation really get interesting.
Pleasantry is allowable, not waggery. Besides, even laughter must be kept in check.
And off we both went through the rain, pleasantries exchanged and honour satisfied.
We exchanged pleasantries and he drove off without my answering his question.
The restaurants turn into an ideal venue for the tourists who have come from several countries to meet each other and exchange pleasantries .