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pleasant / приятный, милый, славный
имя прилагательное
pleasant, enjoyable, nice, agreeable, pleasing, good
cute, dear, nice, sweet, darling, pleasant
glorious, nice, famous, pleasant, decent, dear
имя прилагательное
giving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment.
a very pleasant evening
Nowhere did it say they'd all be on the one paper, so that was a pleasant surprise.
He was an easy going pleasant man to deal with and he had a nice way of giving good or bad news.
It was more than a pleasant surprise and I ate a small part of my body weight in the stuff.
Sometimes it seems that we ourselves can cause the enjoyment of pleasant objects.
You can feel the force in her acting now and it's such a very pleasant surprise.
She is a very pleasant girl who gets on with everybody and we are very proud of her.
the weather has been pleasant
Not all surprises are pleasant or harmonious, of course, but this one has a harmonious air.
Blond and vivacious, Sarah was always a pleasant patient to have on the morning list.
a pleasant boy