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plead / умолять, просить, ссылаться
beg, implore, plead, beseech, entreat, supplicate
ask, beg, seek, pray, invite, plead
refer, cite, allude, plead, quote, mention
make an emotional appeal.
they pleaded with Carol to come home again
present and argue for (a position), especially in court or in another public context.
using cheap melodrama to plead the case for three prisoners
In the courtroom, the German judge read the charges and asked me in which court I wished to plead my case: German or American.
The city now seeks to amend the claim to plead fraudulent misrepresentation and deceit and to seek punitive damages.
If she wants to plead good reason on this occasion, she also needs to apologise.
So there was no voice strong enough to plead their case.
The couple went to court in October to plead poverty and beg for financial mercy.
I notice that the Commonwealth, by its defence, does not plead any statute of limitations.
So if the excisable good in question were alleged to be brandy, how would the pleader plead the nature of those goods?
In return, the unions agreed to plead the claim in the arbitration tribunal, tying their members to whatever decision is handed down.
In our universities, students justifiably plead poverty and the recommendations of the Cubie inquiry have been completely ignored.
I thought you had conceded earlier that as originally framed, it would not have been appropriate to expect the accused to plead guilty to that charge.