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plea / заявление, просьба, призыв
имя существительное
statement, application, declaration, claim, allegation, plea
request, application, plea, petition, wish, entreaty
call, appeal, plea, exhortation, draft, slogan
имя существительное
a request made in an urgent and emotional manner.
he made a dramatic plea for disarmament
a formal statement by or on behalf of a defendant or prisoner, stating guilt or innocence in response to a charge, offering an allegation of fact, or claiming that a point of law should apply.
he changed his plea to not guilty
I have already said that I am not going to make a plea of diminished responsibility on the grounds of incapacity.
The guilty plea of the accused to both charges laid against him is also mitigating.
The news has stunned war veterans in the city - and has sparked an urgent plea for more volunteers to come forward.
he changed his plea to not guilty
he made a dramatic plea for disarmament
It is now six days since the 21-year-old was last seen and her family yesterday made an emotional plea for her to return.
he made a dramatic plea for disarmament
A villager has voiced an emotional plea to stop a proposed road scheme, which he says will devastate his wife's business.
It seems that he indicated a plea of guilty even before the charge was amended.
The defendants put forward a plea of justification, based on the issue of the writ itself.