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plaza / площадь, рыночная площадь
имя существительное
area, space, square, acreage, plaza, place
рыночная площадь
marketplace, plaza
имя существительное
a public square, marketplace, or similar open space in a built-up area.
The Learning Corridor includes five separate buildings, large public plazas and green spaces, and a parking garage.
a shopping center.
At malls and huge shopping plazas , you get pushed and jostled.
Customers vouch for the convenience of shopping in a plaza without the hassle of elbowing through a crowded market.
Development of an urban center and plaza - a public open space with an academic building and retail stores - required 10 different funding sources.
Now he was on the road and had gone to Truckers' Church at a service plaza that morning.
the plaza is lively in the evenings when the pavement cafes are full
He expects to develop the retail plaza but most likely would sell the hotel and apartment property to developers.
That didn't stop us from going out to the northwest to our open field five miles south of the Okahumpka service plaza on the Florida turnpike.
The rest of the site is taken up by an administrative building for the symphony and a public plaza , covered with local dark-gray stone, with parking below.
they bought fancy bridal wear at the plaza
Parked cars and billboards have further eroded the plaza 's space.
Small groups of flexible work areas surround the plaza .