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playwright / драматург
имя существительное
playwright, dramatist, playwriter, dramaturge, dramaturgist
имя существительное
a person who writes plays.
The influence of playwrights like Pinter and Beckett was more apparent in his teens.
As a stage actor and, lately, a television star, he is probably the last person you would think of as a playwright of note.
This may very well be true yet, regrettably, the playwright forgot to let us in on the mystery.
The playwright 's script seizes rich language that allows the story to tell itself.
I think in terms of style of directing, the onus really falls on the playwright .
None the less, you can't help thinking that Eliot was a far better poet than he was a playwright .
Even if these people are the fictional creations of a playwright , you feel that you know them at the end of a good play.
What else is there to write about when you are a young playwright casting around for ideas?
He never quite regained his position as a playwright although as a songwriter and cabaret artist he was triumphant.
They specialise in the less well-known works of major European playwrights such as Ionesco.
All in all, it is reminder that even with a natural talent, playwrights do not necessarily spring fully formed.