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playpen / детский манеж
имя существительное
детский манеж
имя существительное
a small portable enclosure in which a baby or small child can play safely.
Over the years, playpens , portable cribs and play yards have evolved into virtually identical products.
He rushed over to the playpen , lifted up the baby, quieted her, carried her back to the table, and sat down again facing me, the baby in his lap.
Baby Anne watched him from the playpen in the corner.
Verity, in her high heels and straight skirt, tripped over the blocks Ben had thrown out of his playpen .
Notably, this included the installation of stair gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, and assembling a playpen for the living room.
For toddlers you may want to bring a playpen to keep baby safe.
The baby's playpen is in one corner of the room, the family entertainment center in another.
She put the baby in her playpen and turned around which is when I realized she'd seen me.
And, there's a separate section with a colourful playpen for families with children.
Equipped with light sensors, the robot receives input about its location in the playpen from infrared signals lining the borders.
On May 6, 2002, the nation's premier product regulatory agency announced at a juvenile product manufacturing show that it is only safe for infants to sleep in approved cribs or playpens .