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playoff / повторная игра после ничьей
имя существительное
повторная игра после ничьей
имя существительное
an additional game or period of play that decides the outcome of a tied contest.
a sudden-death playoff was required to settle the tournament
a sudden-death playoff was required to settle the tournament
It was okay, but at the end of the day our target at the start of the season was to get into the play-offs and we didn't achieve that.
Ipswich, without a win in three games, have found the play-offs coming at a bad time.
I think four wins from our last six games would definitely get us in the play-offs - and that is our aim.
Now we have to kick on and try and secure a position in the play-offs .
We haven't been at our best and to drop out of the play-offs at this late stage of the season is a bitter pill to swallow.
That was supposedly a bad season so who's to say we can't have that little bit of luck and reach the play-offs .
Your form going into the last two months is important and if you win most of your last ten games you are in good form for the play-offs .
The league is over, so it's all about the play-offs and the Cup Final for London now.
We are a big club and will be the biggest club in the League One play-offs and all eyes will be on us.