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playlist / плейлист
одобренный музыкальный репертуар
play list
имя существительное
a list of recorded songs or pieces of music chosen to be broadcast on a radio show or by a particular radio station.
Marketing/promotion decisions, image-creation, and radio station playlists are all built around how artists and their music are perceived.
he was furious when they declined to playlist his hit
We know that a playlist is a named list of songs with a title.
Listeners from all over the North East jammed the lines to ask Mike Parr to have the song put on the radio station's playlist .
In a few weeks it'll no doubt be populating radio station playlists everywhere and will be impossible to escape.
So, I've decided to start putting up playlists from my radio show, partly so I can remember just what I play each week.
With Southern and Midwestern rappers rising to prominence over the past few years, the birthplace of hip-hop has only constituted about a third of rap radio playlists .
Radio playlists have been shrinking and TV stations are playing fewer videos.
Why are commercial radio playlists so short and boring?
Billboard's hot 100 chart, which has been published for 50 years, is compiled from a national sample of sales reports and radio playlists .
It provides a way for good bands to reach big audiences directly, bypassing the gatekeepers and their straightjacketed radio playlists .