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playhouse / театр
имя существительное
theater, house, playhouse, stage, living theater, theatre
имя существительное
a theater.
The popularity of the theatre in Georgian London was so significant that by the 1760s we believe there to have been over 12 000 theatregoers a week attending playhouses .
a toy house for children to play in.
Keep large plastic toys, like playhouses and slides, outdoors or at least away from your child's sleeping area.
Ophelia was outside the little playhouse at 6: 00 AM the next morning.
Davenant had, in fact, received a Royal patent in 1639 to build a new playhouse to perform plays and musical entertainments, but the Civil War intervened.
The trust now says the only way to keep the theatre running is to construct a new building, which means demolishing the playhouse .
James Burbage built the first dedicated playhouse , dubbing it the ‘Theatre’.
By the time she had arrived at the playhouse , the actors had taken their lunch break.
An outside area will include a playhouse , ride on toys and container gardening.
He was the most famous Dutch painter of the 18th century, but he started out as an actor in the Amsterdam playhouse and he continued to paint stage sets after he had turned to full-time painting in 1723.
In 1576 a businessman, James Burbage, built a playhouse , called simply The Theatre, in Shoreditch.
Although much larger, the main house has the same spirit as the playhouse - both are sanctuaries where everyone who walks in feels like one of the family.
One night they went on a walk to a playhouse they had played in when they were little kids, and just laid down on the ground of it, and began talking, as usual, about everything.