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playgroup / прогулочная группа
имя существительное
прогулочная группа
имя существительное
a regular meeting of a group of preschool children, organized by parents for their children to take part in supervised creative and social play.
TWO mums were forced to abandon plans to open a pre-school playgroup when their rent was doubled the day before it was due to open.
Hadleigh is set for a new playgroup after parents revealed a desperate need for the service.
Youths began skateboarding in the playgroup of Southfields Junior School next door.
In addition, the playgroup promotes social inclusion by enabling parents to return to work or education.
After working in a bank, where she trained other staff, she began volunteering at playgroups and then at her local primary school.
Worth £55m, the company provides a wide range of educational services and facilities, with pre-school playgroups generating a small proportion of revenues at present.
During the pilot project, each school will work in formal partnerships with local nurseries, playgroups and childminders to provide ‘early years’ education for children between the ages of three and five.
Are you willing to go to playgroups or parent and baby groups so my child can mix with other children?
Courses and services offered at the Duntroon Community Centre include parenting and adult education, playgroups , social and craft activity groups and exercise classes.
Youngsters across Swindon have been celebrating Easter with special events at nurseries and playgroups .