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playground / детская площадка, спортивная площадка, площадка для игр
имя существительное
детская площадка
спортивная площадка
playground, sports ground, athletic field, field
площадка для игр
playground, recreation ground, court, pleasure ground
имя существительное
an outdoor area provided for children to play on, especially at a school or public park.
The man's licence conditions were not to go to schools, public parks, playgrounds , swimming pools or leisure centres.
If Asmujo fails to find his inner self, then his solo exhibition is just a playground for him.
She runs over to the playground area then waits for Anny to give her a hand up the logs that surround the bark.
If pupils wish to play with balls in the playground areas they must be tennis balls only.
She reached the school playground area and was thankful it was deserted.
I remember not wanting to spend time there, due to the lack of a proper playground area to play in.
I was playing football in the playground
Is open source software a powerhouse for innovation or a playground for geeks?
For tax purposes, they are registered as living in Monaco, a playground for the Euro jet set.
the mountains are a playground for hang-gliders
The fort serves as a playground for the children, who hide in its ramparts and race along the walls.