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playful / игривый, шаловливый, шутливый
имя прилагательное
playful, frisky, coquettish, skittish, coltish, arch
playful, naughty, frolicsome, impish, frolic, roguish
playful, joking, jocular, facetious, jesting, quizzical
имя прилагательное
fond of games and amusement; lighthearted.
a playful tomboy who loves to dress up
The logo has a light titanium outside and a dynamic, playful , vibrant inside, animating through the whole spectrum of colour.
I can be playful , mischievous, or silly depending on how you look at things.
Keyes' latest masterpiece dwells on all of these, depicting voyeurism at its playful , charming finest.
It is a vivacious, playful blend of salsa and canzonetta.
A light and playful rather than heavy and serious attitude brings success and goodwill.
It's a dance piece undertaking a playful examination of interpersonal dynamics.
The ending peters out inconclusively in a welter of playful / sloppy metafictional games.
She smiled up at him, loving how playful he was and thinking about how lucky she was to have him.
The devilish playful look in his eye was replaced with a look of anger and rage.
However, introduction of songs which are rather playful in nature is quite new to the Gondi culture.