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player / игрок, плеер, музыкант
имя существительное
player, gambler, gamer, hand, gamester, shuffler
player, Walkman
musician, instrumentalist, player, music player, harmonist
имя существительное
a person taking part in a sport or game.
a tennis player
a person who plays a musical instrument.
a guitar player
an actor.
There are two basic types of male film actor - leading men and character players .
an MP3 player
MP3 player
piano player
a tennis player
Made up of a guitarist, a drummer, a bass player and an electronic pianist, the band will refresh and even relax you.
Most newer cars come with only a CD player , making a cassette adapter worthless.
The FBI is trying to get permission, and money, to become a major player in the intelligence area.
a CD player
The band's keyboard player doubles on trumpet to shake things up a bit.
They were connected to the timing device of a compact disc player designed to detonate them remotely.