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playboy / плейбой, повеса, прожигатель жизни
имя существительное
rake, scapegrace, playboy, Lothario, roue, prodigal
прожигатель жизни
имя существительное
a wealthy man who spends his time enjoying himself, especially one who behaves irresponsibly or is sexually promiscuous.
These are not wealthy playboys indulging a passion for sport; they are hard-headed businessmen who have made their fortunes by turning one sport from hobby to cash machine.
a playboy lifestyle
I used to be a womanizing playboy , as you put it, but I've settled down in recent years.
he isn't the marrying type, he's just a playboy
He adopted a playboy lifestyle which must have been beyond his wildest dreams when he was growing up.
If he is to reach his goals, he can't risk burning himself out, so a playboy lifestyle is out.
The playboy lifestyle is not his only weakness according to those who have worked with him.
He adopts the lifestyle of a dissolute playboy to camouflage his crime-fighting efforts.
While you probably imagined that my family tree was chock-a-block with international playboys and glamorous socialites, I actually come from a long line of caravanners.
Men who want to avoid paying child support are seen as irresponsible playboys .
For these playboys , Monaco, home of the most thrilling circuit in the Grand Prix, is undoubtedly their playground, the place where they kick back, soak up the rays on their yachts and party big time.