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playbill / театральная афиша, программа, театральная программа
имя существительное
театральная афиша
program, schedule, scheme, project, blueprint, playbill
театральная программа
имя существительное
a poster announcing a theatrical performance.
It looks fantastic, full of wonder: the pages are liberally illustrated with playbills , etchings and portraits both crude and powerful.
Two years earlier, in 1829, the playbill for Rossini's William Tell had included the names of the dancers (again led by Marie Taglioni) together with the singers as evidence of a spectacular production.
At times it reads more like an epic playbill than the behind-the-scenes exposé hinted at in the subtitle ‘Backstage at the World's Greatest Comedy Theater.’
Coupland isn't the only big name gracing the Rabbit playbill next season.
You don't need a playbill to tell that the lecherous, black-clad Wolfe, who swaps hockey tickets for political favours, is the heavy here - if he had a moustache, he'd twirl it.
Pianist Raf Robertson, who months ago advised of his unavailability, was still on the playbill .
Leading actresses on Broadway, including Frances Farmer, the star of Clifford Odets's play ‘Golden Boy,’ and the entire cast of ‘The Women’ let it be known in the playbill that they performed in lisle hose.
Friday night's premiere of Kaiso House at the Deluxe Cinema attracted no more than 250 patrons for all the kings and queens on the playbill and the ‘shocker’ Yangatang promised at City Hall mustered no better than half that number.
As fate would have it, his first gig on Broadway was at the St. James Theatre and ‘I found in some forgotten corner of the theatre that playbill from that show with Ginger Rogers on the cover.’
He takes pains to claim back credit from his producers and fills three pages with the playbill of a 1968 Italian concert to show there was a time when his name came first.
Another playbill from the same tour provides a typical description.