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playback / проигрывание
имя существительное
имя существительное
the reproduction of previously recorded sounds or moving images.
Images may be recorded for playback on a standard VHS video cassette recorder.
video playback
Well, we can get much more informative results by measuring the average video playback speed.
A media server system and method are disclosed for playback of digital media.
Instant playback of recorded video gave these trendy gadgets an edge over the conventional machines.
This mode is used to select a previously archived session for playback via a remote VCR server.
This feature allows the user to capture memos or incoming phone conversations for future playback .
Each has a console, extra controller, the DVD playback kit, and various games.
Unfortunately, it was something of a letdown, mainly related to video performance and DVD playback .
the instant playback facility
It's free and offers high quality playback , video programming, ability to create a playlist of favourite videos.