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play / игра, пьеса, спектакль
имя существительное
game, play, act, performance, acting, round
play, piece
performance, play, show, spectacle, theatrical, histrionics
play, act, perform, play on, toy, fiddle
play, act out, play off, play up, hoax, josh
perform, execute, fulfill, comply, play, do
имя существительное
activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, especially by children.
a child at play may use a stick as an airplane
the conducting of an athletic match or contest.
rain interrupted the second day's play
a dramatic work for the stage or to be broadcast.
the actors put on a new play
the space in or through which a mechanism can or does move.
the steering rack was loose, and there was a little play
engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.
the children were playing outside
take part in (a sport).
I play softball and tennis
represent (a character) in a theatrical performance or on film.
she played Ophelia
perform on (a musical instrument).
we heard someone playing a harmonica
move lightly and quickly, so as to appear and disappear; flicker.
a smile played about her lips
He had eight doubles, a triple and two home runs in his first month of major league play .
Each of these three managers will play their first choice eleven whenever they can.
The deliberate use of an uneven surface allows for the greater play of light.
He walks off the pitch to get treatment, Nigeria kick the ball out of play so he can come back on.
children learn through play activities
His balance is good, his footwork is excellent and his offensive play is there for all to see - it has been superb.
Their archive, now in the National Library, features many images of the little girls at play .
You talk a lot about landscape and beauty and the play of light on the northern hills.
The Regiment formed a guard of honour before today's play commenced.
They fell into silence, watching their children play together.