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platter / граммофонная пластинка, большое плоское блюдо
имя существительное
граммофонная пластинка
platter, record
большое плоское блюдо
имя существительное
a large flat dish or plate, typically oval or circular in shape, used for serving food.
Frederick has already started to produce his Christmas line of serving dishes, platters , bowls and teacups, which will be on sale at the open studio.
something shaped like platter, especially of a circular shape, in particular.
The lobsters writhe in the silver weighing machine platter as he drops them in.
Order a seafood platter for 2 and eat it in the lovely garden that leads down to the cliff's edge.
And, should their turntables survive what could very well be the very first punk band ever, it'll survive anything thrown onto the platter after The Sonics.
She began arranging the pears on a serving platter .
As a longtime lover of Kelly's work, I've been dying to hear this platter for decades.
The design team solved the issue of thermal heat by using a disc platter that was reduced to a size of 2.5 in. or 65 millimeters in diameter.
Crossover point is the seafood platter , served in the restaurant or on one of the frequent weekend barbecues (weather permitting).
Shined Nickels and Loose Change, the Rondelles' debut platter , is about as indie as you wanna get.
Paul lifted the lid off his serving platter to reveal huge pieces of breaded pork covered in sweet-and-sour sauce on a bed of freshly steamed white rice.
Visitors to this year's Spring Scream, which starts next Friday, might want to check out the sampler platter of punk bands from People's Records, a Japanese label based out of Beijing.
She watched for a while, thinking, then tripped down to the kitchen, whipped up a pitcher of iced lemonade, and arranged it on a serving platter with several glasses.