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platoon / взвод, отряд, группа
имя существительное
platoon, troop
detachment, squad, party, troop, band, platoon
group, party, bunch, class, series, platoon
имя существительное
a subdivision of a company of soldiers, usually forming a tactical unit that is commanded by a lieutenant and divided into several sections.
A platoon of soldiers stands at a checkpoint on a barren road in the middle of miles and miles of trackless desert.
(in baseball and other sports) have (an athlete) play in rotation with one or more teammates at the same position.
he was underrated because of Stengel's platooning him with Woodling
Another prominent example of 3rd platoon 's contribution was in August 2000.
Also at 2nd Platoon's location was the battalion mortar platoon .
A rifle platoon was tasked to delay on either flank.
The mortar platoon is the personal artillery battery for the battalion commander.
in 1982 the Orioles employed a productive left-field platoon of Lowenstein, Ayala, and Roenicke
Manager Davey Lopes plans to platoon Matt Stairs and Alex Ochoa in right field.
The two could form a right-left platoon at the position.
Expect Iannetta to face a good number of southpaws, as the club would be best suited to platoon the position.
Six months ago, he was in Baghdad leading a platoon of 33 soldiers teaching Iraqis how to be cops.
Tracer rounds ricochet into the sky as rounds land short of the tank platoon .