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platitude / пошлость, банальность, плоскость
имя существительное
banality, platitude
banality, commonplace, platitude, triviality, triteness, humdrum
plane, flat, flatness, sheet, platitude, platan
имя существительное
a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.
she began uttering liberal platitudes
His answer to all these questions is the pious platitude , ‘one standard of citizenship’.
I agree with Deacon that the platitude that liberals think ‘people are basically good,’ which we all learned in our college government courses, is out of date.
This year more than ever, the hack politician's laziest platitude is true: ‘This election is about the future.’
Gone are (some of) the moral platitudes , and in their place are actual critiques and questions.
It's pretty much downhill from there, with everyone speaking in moral platitudes and Hanks looking troubled.
So, you will understand if I withdraw myself from such disgusting platitudinising .
One critic once said that George Eliot was the only English writer who was into sermonising and moral platitudes .
Cliched platitudes about derby matches may be easy enough to pick up, but there are still occasional communication difficulties between player and manager.
Thinking that a few motivational platitudes and clichés will save them, the rest of the band plod on, uninspired and surrounded by yes men.
That failure could be his Achilles' heel, for whenever he addresses environmental activist groups he offers platitudes , but little promise of action.