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platform / платформа, площадка, перрон
имя существительное
platform, stage, lorry, halt
platform, court, playing field, stand, ring, pace
помещать на платформу
сооружать трибуну
plan, schedule, glide, map out, target, platform
имя существительное
a raised level surface on which people or things can stand.
there are viewing platforms where visitors may gape at the chasm
the declared policy of a political party or group.
seeking election on a platform of low taxes
a shoe with very thick soles.
a pair of chunky platforms
This was used as the air launch platform for the first six commercially developed Pegasus rocket boosters.
And I really want those platform shoes seen at the end of this collection!
They stood on the platform and they were beamed down to the surface.
The world's largest offshore oil platform is still on an unsteady angle in the Gulf of Mexico.
This new programme will deal with topical issues and news stories of the day and provide a platform for listeners' views.
They removed the flags that were draped over the two torpedo cases that sat in the launch platform .
Speakers on the platform included John Gilligan and Tony McMahon of Ennis and Shannon and Cllrs.
She was wearing black platform boots that were laced up with silver lace.
However, to everyone's surprise, he almost won a seat in the election by running on a radical platform the Democratic Party had been unwilling to take up.
He was to speak on a specially built circular stage in the centre of the arena, linked by a platform used by other speakers.