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plate / тарелка, плита, пластинка
имя существительное
plate, dish, cap
plate, stove, cooker, slab, table, flag
plate, lamella, wax
изготовлять гальваноклише
обшивать металлическим листом
имя существительное
a flat dish, typically circular and made of china, from which food is eaten or served.
A pile of rugs and blankets lay within, pillar candles perched all about, set on dinner plates from the china closet.
a thin, flat sheet or strip of metal or other material, typically one used to join or strengthen things or forming part of a machine.
he underwent surgery to have a steel plate put into his leg
a sheet of metal, plastic, or some other material bearing an image of type or illustrations from which multiple copies are printed.
The bank engraves banknote images into metal plates by hand and uses special inks and watermarks to prevent forgery.
a thin piece of plastic molded to the shape of a person's mouth and gums, to which artificial teeth or another orthodontic appliance are attached.
Like anyone of my generation, I guess, I have an absolute horror of false teeth, dental plates , dentures (there I said it).
a thin piece of metal that acts as an electrode in a capacitor, battery, or cell.
The tank circuit is a tightly wrapped coil of wire that is connected at each end to a capacitor - two metal plates separated by an insulator.
cover (a metal object) with a thin coating or film of a different metal.
she had already taken the coin to a jeweler to be plated
serve or arrange (food) on a plate or plates before a meal.
overcooked vegetables won't look appetizing, no matter how they are plated
score (a run or runs); cause (someone) to score.
On July 12, Gibson gave up just three hits in a win over Houston, but one was Denis Menke's seventh-inning blooper that landed just inside the left field foul line and plated a run.
inoculate (cells or infective material) onto a culture plate, especially with the object of isolating a particular strain of microorganisms or estimating viable cell numbers.
Samples of 2.5x10 cells were also plated from exponentially growing cultures as control samples.
One solution is to plate the aluminum polygon with electroless nickel and then polish the nickel surface.
Mostly, it was bad defense that helped plate a total of seven runs, as the two squads combined for three costly errors.
Applying a voltage between the electrodes and the mobile plate actuates the mirror.
They ordered me a plate of seafood which was very nice of them, but they really shouldn't have bothered.
The St Gabriel's High School pupil has had nine pins and a nine-inch long metal plate inserted into his leg and spent a week in Fairfield Hospital.
an exhibition of the plate belonging to the college
he was invited to a party and asked to bring a plate
Both Chris and Peter have a great love of the Aussie bush and a passion to generate recognisably Tasmanian foods for the dinner plate .
Engraved on a metal plate next to the door was the name Entertainment Room.
Yesterday he underwent surgery to insert a metal plate into his face.