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planter / плантатор, сажалка, сажальщик
имя существительное
planter, plantation owner
имя существительное
a manager or owner of a plantation.
sugar planters
a decorative container in which plants are grown.
Butterflies and hummingbirds will be attracted to windows box planters or containers of bright flowers.
a machine or person that plants seeds, bulbs, etc..
If you prefer a more formal look of rows, you may wish to invest in a bulb planter .
Bamboo growing in the raised planter behind the tiled wall adds privacy screening.
Among the new implements was a tapioca harvester that could be drawn by a tractor, a direct planter for paddy seeds, and a sprayer that could be easily carried and operated by one person.
Elsewhere, grow it in a planter and winter it indoors (treat it first with insecticidal soap, as it's prone to whiteflies and spider mites).
On the eve of the Civil War Louisiana's sugar planter elite was composed of 525 owners of at least 50 slaves who resided in a thirteen-parish area south of Baton Rouge.
Look for future Machinery Insider reports on topics ranging from combine operation to planter precision.
Traditionally the sugar planter was both farmer and manufacturer.
The bulb planter breaks the soil up nicely and is much easier than trying to use a trowel.
The corn planter is a complex machine with many moving parts that must work together precisely for optimal seed placement and coverage.
Hawaii's foreign minister, a sugar planter , wrote to an American businessman in Japan seeking Japanese agricultural workers.
Planting corn and soybeans at the same time requires both a corn planter and a drill or a narrow-row soybean planter .