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plantation / плантация, насаждение, колония
имя существительное
plantation, pen
planting, plantation, implanting, implantation, inculcation
colony, settlement, plantation
имя существительное
an estate on which crops such as coffee, sugar, and tobacco are cultivated by resident labor.
Sugar and tobacco plantations were established in the 17th century, worked by imported African slaves.
имя существительное
a city in southeastern Florida, west of Fort Lauderdale; population 83,628 (est. 2008).
Slaves from Africa were used to grow sugar and other plantation crops, it has been argued, because they comprised the least-cost option.
On the LeBlanc family cotton plantation in Iberville, the men rolled logs while the women cleaned up the grounds; the men chopped wood and plowed while the women hoed.
So it is likely that the green cover actually came when the Government introduced arboriculture or the plantation of trees for timber.
During the antebellum era on the De Saussure plantation in South Carolina, daily domestic tasks were to be completed in the hours between sunrise and sunset prayers.
In Kona, probably because of the steep terrain, lack of roads, and lack of groundwater, coffee had not yet been developed as a plantation crop.
This peasant girl is not the one working on a tobacco or coffee plantation .
By collective farming, I not only mean the actual plantation and growth of crops, but also food-processing and animal husbandry.
The plantation produces both conifers and deciduous trees for the Christmas tree and landscape markets.
Another fire broke out yesterday afternoon, covering 800 square yards of young trees in a forestry plantation at Brig O'Turk, near Callander.
His Ciel Investment is building 250 homes on his family's beachfront plantation at Beau Champ on the island's east coast.