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planning / планирование, проектирование, землеустройство
имя существительное
planning, planing, gliding, glide, sailing
design, designing, engineering, planning, projection, graphics
имя существительное
the process of making plans for something.
The safety plan is crucial to the whole process of project safety planning and coordination.
decide on and arrange in advance.
they were planning a trip to Egypt
design or make a plan of (something to be made or built).
they were planning a garden
Understanding the process behind planning and marketing of events will increase your chances of landing a great position.
It turns planning into a learning exercise and places the emphasis on the process of planning rather than the resulting plans.
If you know what you want, the company says, the entire planning and ordering process can take 15 minutes.
It was a subdivision that was resisted by the local planning authorities and was approved by the Minister under an appeal mechanism.
Instead we should rethink our academic planning and evaluation process.
planning authority
financial planning
business planning
In planning for housing in their rural areas, local planning authorities should apply the policies in PPG3.
The website doesn't actually exist yet, but presumably it's in the advanced stages of planning , and is just a few short weeks away from launch.