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planner / планировщик, плановик, проектировщик
имя существительное
scheduler, planner
designer, planner, projector
имя существительное
a person who makes plans.
However, there are signs that, very gently, China's economic planners are applying the breaks.
a list or chart with information that is an aid to planning.
my day planner
This project planner will assist in your projects that involve systematically exchanging sensitive data.
Visitors to the Web site will find information such as a video that provides tips and advice for overseas travel, a travel checklist, a vaccine planner and links to the latest information on individual countries.
En route, in the morning sun, I added into my planner all the contact information from the business cards I collected at SXSW.
Daily tasks, such as attempts to follow a recipe, to maintain a daily planner , to complete a list of household errands, to develop a meeting agenda, or to apply for social security benefits, become daunting.
Schedule on your planner or calendar those tasks that you don't like to do, but must do.
my day planner
A colleague and friend of mine is busily marking up a year planner wallchart with a bunch of coloured felt-tip pens.
A top economic planner last week said Japan must reinvent itself by throwing open its doors to cheap foreign workers.
The video also has a 20-minute section on how to lose weight and cook the low-fat way, with a seven-day menu planner and six full-colour recipe cards included.
This is the first time in history an economic planner has advised people that they can live better and the economy can grow faster by running deeper into debt.