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planer / строгальщик, выколотка, дорожный утюг
имя существительное
дорожный утюг
planer, smoother
He built scaffolding by running long 2x4s once through a planer so they were just thin enough to be passed through the basket-like structure at whatever level needed.
These decks were to be laid with the old yellow cedar planks on which marks of the planer still showed clearly, along with some definite indications of their previous use.
The machine shop houses 21 lathes, four mills, three drill presses, two sand blasters, three buffers, seven grinders, a planer , two TIG welders and a complete tool room.
To handle the woodworking chores, they bought a router, a planer , and a table saw, and then practiced using the tools on cheap lumber.
His son, who monitors lumber passing through the planer , may do the same.
The other accidentally removed the last centimeter of his little finger with an electric planer .
At the heart of most shops, you can find a heavy-duty table saw or bandsaw, a thickness planer , and a jointer.
If the surface isn't smooth use your planer or belt sander.
The planer , a model no.419, had a 2 ½ by 16-inch square cutting head.
However, you can use a planer and purchase the less expensive rough stock and finish it at home.