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plane / самолет, плоскость, уровень
имя существительное
aircraft, plane, airplane, craft, ship, machine
plane, flat, flatness, sheet, platitude, platan
level, layer, degree, grade, plane, scale
имя прилагательное
flat, plane, tabular, vapid, platitudinous, tabulate
plane, rasp, whittle, shave, adze, dub
align, level, level off, flatten, equalize, plane
beat, knock out, plane
имя прилагательное
completely level or flat.
Each speaker was on a plane level with the listener's head and approximately 10 inches from the wall.
имя существительное
a flat surface on which a straight line joining any two points on it would wholly lie.
the horizontal plane
a level of existence, thought, or development.
everything is connected on the spiritual plane
an airplane.
Air traffic control uses radar to track planes both on the ground and in the air, and also to guide planes in for smooth landings.
a tool consisting of a block with a projecting steel blade, used to smooth a wooden or other surface by paring shavings from it.
My primary tool interest is as a collector, especially of wooden planes by different makers.
a tall spreading tree of the northern hemisphere, with maplelike leaves and bark that peels in irregular patches.
The focal point of the park is the now defunct fountain, surrounded by conifers, oaks, planes , jacarandas, and tipiana trees dropping their yellow blossoms.
(of a bird or an airborne object) soar without moving the wings; glide.
a bird planed down toward the water below
travel in an airplane.
An internal passenger flight had crashed on take-off from Washington: coughing a few feet off the ground before planing through a crowded commuter bridge and plunging into the frozen river beyond.
smooth (wood or other material) with a plane.
If the face frame projects beyond the side of the cabinet, plane the wood until it is flush.
It might be that one of the sticks bends in the plane perpendicular to the picture, but we can't see that.
Finish surfaces to a true plane , to correct line and level, with all angles and corners to a right angle unless specified otherwise, and with walls and reveals plumb and square.
Earlier Aronhold had worked on plane curves and the problem of the nine points of inflection of the third order plane curve which had been discussed by Plücker some time before.
It's a flat plane of blue today, barely brighter than the gray sky over the industrial cranes at water's edge.
Be sure your arms stay in line with your shoulders and in a vertical plane (straight up in the air).
Emei's flora is renowned; sub-tropical ferns and strands of bamboo huddle amidst plane and fir trees.
Among the subjects to which his principal papers related were plane and solid geometry, theory of numbers, and link motion.
When an element of plane division suggests to me the form of an animal, I immediately think of a volume.
This is true only on a high plane of metaphysical logic, but it is true.
Stepping into this world was like stepping into a whole new plane of existence.