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plait / коса, складка
имя существительное
braid, scythe, plait, queue, tress, tongue
fold, crease, pleat, wrinkle, tuck, plait
plait, spin, plat
weave, spin, braid, plait, twine, wattle
weave, entwine, intertwine, splice, interlace, plait
form (hair or other material) into a plait or plaits.
He gently combed the tangles out of her hair and deftly plaited a long simple braid.
I brushed my hair, then braided it in a single plait down my back that hung to my waist.
One day during that festive week his youngest wife went to plait her hair and forgot to return to his compound to fix her part of his afternoon meal.
He will bring ready-prepared dough and show the children how to plait dough, and the children will also be given the chance to take part in a plaiting competition.
Black strands were falling from her firm plait of hair, and her face looked ashen in the firelight.
She has red-brown, extremely long hair, usually tied in a plait with two dreadlocks behind each ear.
She then proceeded to braid her long red hair into a plait and wrap it around her head like a crown.
She looked so pretty, clad in a cornflower blue silk dress that matched her eyes, and wearing her hair in a complex plait ; tiny ringlets framing her face.
Her flaxen hair was drawn back in a single plait bound with cord.
She stopped and tilted her head to the side, but her dark hair remained plastered to her forehead, a few frizzy strands escaping her plait .
She walked over to Margaret and began to plait her hair, her strong fingers moving swiftly over Margaret's light brown hair.