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plaintive / жалобный, заунывный, горестный
имя прилагательное
plaintive, piteous, moanful, rueful, drear
plaintive, plangent
woeful, sorrowful, grievous, rueful, harrowing, plaintive
имя прилагательное
sounding sad and mournful.
a plaintive cry
The plaintive call of the bird can be heard most evenings in the area.
Aside from resorting to plaintive cries and groans, in the first half there was little cause for the Tartan Army to exercise their vocal chords.
The denials issuing from Santos are almost pathetic in their plaintive appeal to maintenance of the status quo.
It was only when she started being plaintive and forlorn that we returned to her.
The songbirds had returned, but their calls sounded ever so plaintive and piteous.
My wife was expecting this to be boring but was pleasantly surprised which resulted in the plaintive cry of why wasn't science like that when she was at school.
I suppose it was because Wendy knew this that her last words to him were these rather plaintive ones.
Played with a plaintive acoustic edge, it's even more heart-rending than the original.
I break away only to hear its plaintive cries through the rest of my visit.
The plaintive cry of kids playing in their streets and gardens for many years has been ‘We want our ball back.’