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plaintext / простой текст
открытый текст
clear text
имя существительное
text that is not computationally tagged, specially formatted, or written in code.
You should use the clear-text method of signing when you want to be able to copy-and-paste your signed message into or out of e-mail, or otherwise treat it as plaintext .
The reports that the encryption didn't prevent them from obtaining the plaintext were erroneous.
However, the command and its format are much easier to remember, and since the output is plaintext instead of binary, it does not need to be encoded to send it as e-mail.
A political party in Mexico wants an encryption key broken, because it believes that the resulting plaintext will embarrass the ruling party.
This means that law enforcement could present decrypted plaintext in open court, but refuse to reveal to the defendant how that plaintext was obtained.
When all other messages are plaintext , a single encrypted message is easily spotted.