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plainly / толком, прямо, откровенно
plainly, clearly
direct, right, straight, directly, live, plainly
frankly, openly, overtly, plainly, plain, forthrightly
able to be perceived easily.
the lake was plainly visible
in a style that is simple and without decoration.
the restaurant was plainly furnished
Since the hole was in his right slipper, it was plainly visible to the audience.
It is highly recommended to place links that are plainly visible on all of your web pages that go to a separate contacts page.
I walked down the long plainly decorated corridor and stopped in front of a door.
Further, pet food material was plainly visible in the feeding troughs and in other parts of the farmyard.
Third, why are there no stars in the sky although they would be plainly visible in that atmosphere?
The office, however, was well-lit with fluorescent lights, if not a little plainly furnished.
Across the road and down a bit, still plainly visible from the front windows, there's a spare bit of ground owned by a very old guy of the country sort.
It was a plainly yet adequately furnished room with everything arranged with neatness and precision.
She was plainly but neatly dressed in Quaker style, and carried the usual notebook of the medical student.
The object was plainly visible for some time, and some people who saw it described its outline as being much deeper in shape than that of a saucer.