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plain / простой, одноцветный, обыкновенный
имя прилагательное
plain, simple, ordinary, elementary, idle, common
plain, monochrome, monochromatic, of one color, self, unicolorous
ordinary, usual, common, plain, normal, everyman
имя существительное
plain, flat, flatland, champaign, level, field
прямая петля
clear, plain, explicitly, expressly, distinctly, obviously
frankly, openly, overtly, plainly, plain, forthrightly
distinctly, distinctively, plain
complain, lament, beef, grumble, moan, plain
mourn, complain, lament, bewail, plain
whine, whinge, plain, grizzle, snivel
имя прилагательное
not decorated or elaborate; simple or ordinary in character.
good plain food
easy to perceive or understand; clear.
the advantages were plain to see
(of a person) not beautiful or attractive.
the dark-haired, rather plain woman
sheer; simple (used for emphasis).
the main problem is just plain exhaustion
(of a knitting stitch) made using a knit rather than a purl stitch.
She offered a more varied needlework curriculum of plain work, marking, openwork, and embroidery along with reading and writing.
clearly; unequivocally (used for emphasis).
perhaps the youth was just plain stupid
mourn; lament.
'Oh, Rover, don't you leave me, too,' she plained out.
The plan is outlined in a government memo which was leaked to the environmental group Friends of the Earth in a plain brown envelope last week.
For so long, it's been black or linen in plain colours, and suddenly there's been an explosion of colour which is really inspiring people.
It does not commend itself to the masses, which say they like plain speaking, and it cannot be translated into action, which may be good or evil or neither but cannot be both.
Returning to our correspondent's writings in The Age of 8 April 1998, it's plain that neither is the case.
Although there was a variety of slightly different recipes, the one in my mind was a pretty basic recipe for plain chiffon cake, I thought.
His content is in Farsi, Farsi written phonetically with English characters and plain English.
Do you change it frequently or are you a purist with just the plain default colour?
David pulled a plain envelope from a coat pocket, giving it to the vicar and shaking his hand as the man gave his condolences.
Financial jargon is becoming a thing of the past due to IFSRA's efforts to educate consumers and encourage the financial industry to speak in plain English.
In 1974, she was music director at WMMS, in Cleveland, when she received a record in a plain brown envelope.