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plaid / плед, шотландка
имя существительное
plaid, rug, wrap
plaid, tartan, Scotswoman, schottische, Scotchwoman, Caledonian
имя прилагательное
checkered, plaid, check, square, chequered
имя существительное
checkered or tartan twilled cloth, typically made of wool.
Highlights of its mix-and-match range include knitwear in cable, Fair Isle and jersey, leather pieces in oak and black, and fabrics such as wool plaid , bouclé and herringbone.
Look for classics updated in fabrics such as corduroy, wool woven in gabardine, herringbone and glen plaid .
His genre paintings, after he came to London, are not strongly Scottish in their detail (as a Lowlander he was unhappy that the kilt and plaid were being treated as national costume).
Highlanders originally wore a stretch of plaid , often vegetable dyed, that was draped and pleated to form a skirt with pockets.
Not only the plaid , but even the kilt and over-the-shoulder drape are of military origin.
In a way that offends me because a lot of these people wore plaid when it was cool to wear plaid , played math rock when it was cool to play math rock, and now they're pretending to be Robin Black when it's cool to be Robin Black.
Her version of the plaid , a tartan also in silk, is hung over the shoulder and pinned in place with a brooch.
a plaid shawl
At least he tells us he does in various campaign ads and in carefully-staged photo-ops that picture him in khaki and plaid walking around our parks.
The plaid is a length of tartan cloth draped over the shoulder and does not properly refer to the pattern, which is the tartan.
Dressed in denim, plaid , and a rigid white cowboy hat, he looks far more like a farmer than his father.