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plague / чума, бедствие, мор
имя существительное
plague, pest, murrain, Typhoid Mary
disaster, distress, scourge, calamity, evil, plague
pestilence, plague, pest, murrain, wholesale deaths
annoy, plague, molest, vex, torment, spite
pester, cadge, plague
bother, annoy, nag, bore, pall, plague
имя существительное
a contagious bacterial disease characterized by fever and delirium, typically with the formation of buboes (see bubonic plague ) and sometimes infection of the lungs ( pneumonic plague ).
an outbreak of plague
cause continual trouble or distress to.
the problems that plagued the company
a plague of locusts
They could poison us with botulin, or try to infect us with the plague or anthrax.
If you can show me proof that Britain would be in the grip of a plague of foxes were it not for the ‘millions’ killed by hounds each year, then I would agree to a cull.
Moreover, the only diseases that members are required to report are yellow fever, plague and cholera.
If anyone could rid the castle of its plague of rats, he would be rewarded with ten sacks of gold and her hand in marriage when she came of age.
The number of measles cases is fast rising, and if this continues children could die, and the disease could become the plague it once was.
Other infectious diseases that pose a threat include plague , tularemia, botulism and tuberculosis.
Whole streets were blocked off by vegetable sellers, litter grew out of control, there was a plague of giant rats, whites fled and murder and other crimes soared.
He is clearly marketed to win mindshare over the superheroes that plague so much children's programming.
Doctors' leaders warn the amount of time available to patients with genuine problems is being reduced because of the plague of hypochondriacs.