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plagiarize / заниматься плагиатом
заниматься плагиатом
take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one's own.
He also blasted the booklet, which was published in 1996, for plagiarizing a previous work.
Because people who plagiarize are usually also poor students, they tend not to realise that it's obvious when a paragraph of bumbling prose suddenly rises from its own ashes to become lucid and flowing, or even just moderately coherent.
First I worried my in laws would sue me for defamation and now I have to worry that some psychotic moron is going to plagiarize me?
Perhaps film composers no longer have a choice whether or not to plagiarize him - did they ever?
At some colleges, students who plagiarize are expelled.
It's hardly surprising he opposes the free trade agreement with the United States because one aspect of the free trade agreement with America is it toughens up the copyright laws, makes it more difficult for people to plagiarise , to copy.
His speech doesn't libel him; it plagiarizes him.
The Seattle Times says a business columnist and associate editor has resigned after admitting he plagiarized the work of other journalists.
After sending it, the student confessed he had plagiarized the work from a prominent writer.
The Harvard Crimson reports that a noted Harvard law professor will be disciplined for plagiarizing the work of a Yale law professor in a recent book.
As for the alleged plagiarism: I am not a plagiarizer , nor do I believe I have violated anyone's copyright.